Yoga Gita

We are honored to welcome Vijay Gopala to our studio. He will be teaching 2 topics to deepen your practice. You are free to attend one or more.
He will be visiting us again in September.

Discover the possibility of expressing unconditional love through Yoga
Unconditional love is the real true nature of all of us. But due to the imprints in the mind we fail to express this natural nature of us. Since Yoga is the best remedy for the imprints in the mind, in this session this dimension of Yoga will be brought to bring the light of unconditional love to your heart.
Saturday June 6, 16.00 till 17.30

Pranayama: Techniques for efficient expression of life energy
The more direct the connection of you with the life energy, the better and pure will be the expression of your life. Pranayama is the art of handling the breath with different techniques that will make you more efficient in getting your inner life energy directly connected with the existential life energy.
Saturday June 6, 17.30 till 19.00

Date: Saturday July 6
Time: 16.00 till 17.30 and 17.30 till 19.00
Cost: 20 euro / 35 euro for 2 topics
Information and enrollment: or via our online system

Over Sri Vijay Gopala

Vijay Gopala, founder of Yoga Gita in India, has been studying and practising Yoga from a very young age. The subject has been passed on to him through generations in his lineage. He holds two master degrees; one in Yoga and one in philosophy, respectively, and has a graduate degree in science. For Vijay, teaching is a natural part of sharing his own experience, and he will guide you through the refined techniques found within the original yogic traditions. In his teachings he contemporizes the ancient subject to be understood from a scientific angle of today’s society. His aim is to spread the knowledge and practice of self awareness.

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are"