Leer de Hoofdstand

Headstand is sometimes called the “king of asanas”, and shoulderstand is the ‘queen’.  In books about hatha yoga that list the benefits of the poses, these two poses seem to have more benefits than all others. To go upside down and stay in the pose for a few minutes brings new energy and vitality to all the systems of the body: the glands/endocrine, the circulatory/heart, the lymphatic, nervous, everything it seems.  They are said to boost our immune system, and to do them safely increases confidence and our sense of well-being. However, since we do not usually stand on our heads, it’s very important to learn how to do these poses, step by step, starting with a proper warm-up, how to create a solid foundation, and variations that can prepare us to do the full poses.

Datum: zaterdag 17 november
Tijd: 11.00 tot 13.30 uur
Kosten: 30 euro
Informatie en aanmelding: of via ons online systeem


Jayendra learned these poses from teachers who are known all over the world for their knowledge and ability to practice them. He’ll offer a brief introdution, then we’ll slowly go through all the main details needed to do these poses safely and well. Jayendra is a Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer in the Anusara style. Learn more about him at, and about Anusara at

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